UML standing as a strong opposition: General-Secretary Pokhrel

Dainik Nepal Mar 23, 2023 | 13:46

Deukhuri: CPN (UML) General-Secretary Shankar Pokhrel has said the party has now reached the villages carrying its programmes to strengthen its organisation as it has been standing as the strong opposition.

At a press conference organised by Press Chautari Nepal, Dang, at Ghorahi, today, leader Pokhrel stressed that political parties should not have their vested interest while advancing political stability and development.

He further said the UML would remain a strong opposition in the parliament for five years and make the government alert about the issues of people’s concern.

The UML General-Secretary laid emphasis that the issue of development of the country should be the first priority of the power-sharing parties, urging the ruling parties to move ahead in order to run the government for five years for stability and development in the country. He opined that the government should focus its attention to make the nation strong by resolving the economic crisis as instability does not favour anyone.


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