Butwal Sub-Metropolitan City asked to bring employment generating policy

Dainik Nepal Mar 23, 2023 | 8:20

Butwal: The leading figures from education sector in Butwal have suggested the Butwal Sub-Metropolitan City to unveil actionable policy that create employment opportunities at the local level.

The chiefs and chairs of academic institutions in Butwal suggested that the city should make timely decisions for the intervention stating that the colleges here are likely to be portrayed as the centre for producing unemployed human resources.

During an interaction programme organized by the city with the chiefs of academic institutions, they shared that the municipality is required to bring policy and programme to create jobs opportunity and make the graduates self-reliant.

They also underscored the need of employment generating policy and programme in view of rising trend of foreign labour migration. On the occasion, Mayor of Butwal Sub-Metropolitan City Khelraj Pandey said that the role of public and private sector is equally important to maintain leading role of Butwal in the education sector.

Mayor Pandey vowed to address the issue from the sub-metropolitan if they come under its scope and capacity, and others would be incorporated through the federal and province levels. Pandey is of the view that coordination would be made with the province and federal levels to unveil the policy for retaining the graduates at home instead of going abroad. Based on the feedback, the sub-metropolitan city would analyze them and reflect those issues in its policy and programmes.


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