Migrant workers being included in social security scheme

Dainik Nepal Mar 22, 2023 | 10:24

Kathmandu: The social security scheme of the country is including migrant workers and self-employed persons from today onward. On the presence of Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’, the Social Security Fund is hosting a programme today to initiate the task of including migrant workers in the contributions-based social security scheme.

Fund Spokesperson Bibek Panthi informed that the Fund was extending its coverage to the migrant workers in foreign employment. Tens of thousands Nepali migrant workers would reap benefits from the scheme once it comes to effect today, he said.

In this connection, Fund had already approved procedural guidelines to enroll migrant workers, informal sector employees and self-employed persons in the social security scheme. The trade union organizations have long been demanding inclusion of informal sector employees and self-employed persons in the net of the social security scheme. Though informal sector workers have been receiving benefits from the social security plan since three years back, migrant workers and self-employed persons living abroad were being deprived of the service.

The Non-Resident Nepali Association has also long been advocating for including migrant workers in the social security scheme. Those obtaining new work permit would be mandatorily included in the scheme from today onward. Daily around 2,000 people are obtaining work permit. Those obtaining work permit should deposit contributions equivalent to a month salary to the fund.

Spokesperson Panthi said a worker going abroad for employment would entitle to receive 10 percent discount while depositing contributions worth amounting to a six-month salary. The migrant workers living abroad could enlist them from the website of the fund and deposit their contribution amount. According to the approved procedural guideline, the migrant workers or self-employed persons living abroad could participate in the facility by depositing at least 21.33 percent amount of basic remuneration or minimum Rs 2,000 monthly and its three-fold in maximum.

Panthi informed that 399,566 employees of formal sector have so far enrolled in the fund. Rs 30 billion and 870 million has been deposited to the fund. The Fund has made payment of Rs 3 billion and 810 million to the contributors as per their claim. The contribution-based social security scheme has been brought into implementation since 27 November 2018.


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