Nawalparasi jail facing challenges due to overcrowding

Dainik Nepal Mar 17, 2023 | 11:12

Nawalparasi: The District Jail of Nawalparasi (Bardaghat-Susta West) is facing problem in management due to overcrowded jailbirds. There are three times more jailbirds than its capacity. There are currently 498 jailbirds in the jail. However, the jail has capacity to accommodate 177 people.

“The jailbirds have been facing problem in eating, sleeping and using toilets due to three fold numbers of jailbirds than its capacity”, said jailer Punaram Poudel.

The jail is currently housing 74 women, 421 men and three minors. He shared the jail has been facing many problems due to increasing number of jailbirds than its capacity. The jailer mentioned that jailbirds have been using other rooms constructed for different purposes including entertainment for sleeping.

Although the jail located at main bazaar of Parasi was shifted to other place following the congested area, problem has surfaced due to increasing number of and inmates and detainees, added jailer Poudel. The risk of spreading communicable diseases has also increased in the jail.


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