Do not hassle youths going on foreign employment: PM Dahal

Dainik Nepal Mar 16, 2023 | 17:33

Kathmandu: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has directed the bodies concerned not to create unnecessary hassles to the youths going abroad for employment.

Addressing a meeting of the Development Problems Resolution Committee, the Ministry of Home Affairs, today, he issued such directive, saying people going on overseas employment have to face numerous problems in the process.

“Complaints of youths bound for foreign employment facing unnecessary hassles have been heard – whether that be while acquiring passport, during the medical test, taking the orientation or at the immigration. This is regrettable and a serious matter. Let it be known that no work that should be done according to the law and procedures should not be stopped or delayed. Any delays, dilly-dally or creating unnecessary hassles in works should be monitored and stopped,” the PM reiterated.

He also directed the Ministry to complete the remaining works undertaken under its annual approved programmes and budget on time, to be effective in maintaining the law and order and crime control and to facilitate in the development works. The Prime Minister expressed the belief that the Ministry and bodies under it would continue to work vigorously in disaster risk minimization and management, service delivery and maintaining good governance in the coming days as well.

He also underscored updating the existing policies and laws related to the home administration, and formulating and revising guidelines, directives and work procedures related to work operation in a prompt manner. “I call upon all the security bodies to make arrangements for putting in place a reliable law and order system keeping seriously in mind the problems seen in the country’s economy as well as the agitation of the depositors and the people taking loans from micro-finances and cooperatives, and banks and financial institutions, the unwarranted activities over various issues and the Free Students Union elections,” PM Dahal said.

Likewise, the PM called on the Ministry to make the crime control, investigation and prosecution prompt and reliable. He urged the Ministry to pay attention to putting to an end various anomalies and malpractices. He also urged the Ministry to reform, refine and make scientific the present government style of public service delivery.

The Prime Minister called on the Ministry and bodies under it to work in a more responsible way in border management and controlling revenue leakage, to prioritise the preservation and repair of the border pillars and ensure that the BOPs get the required means and resources. He also directed the Ministry to expedite the printing and distribution of the National ID card and link the e-system of the service-providing bodies with the National Identity Management System at the earliest.


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