Sapkota calls for safeguarding political achievements

Dainik Nepal Mar 11, 2023 | 20:23

Janakpurdham: CPN (Maoist Centre) Vice-Chairman Agni Sapkota has cautioned one and all to the attempts made to subvert the achievements founded on the basis of the comprehensive peace accord.

Talking to the media at Janakpurdham Airport on Saturday, the former Speaker said that all aware Nepalis should perform their role to make voices against the attempts carried out to challenge the achievements.
He also said that the war era cases should be resolved as per the peace agreement though settlement of the issues of the transitional justice has become late.

“The cases related to the translational justice should not be settled from other ways except that of the comprehensive peace accord, interim constitution and the Constitution of Nepal,” he added. “Otherwise, it will impact the peace process,” he observed.


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