TU FSU elections: nominations being filed today

Dainik Nepal Mar 11, 2023 | 11:00

Kathmandu: Filing of nomination papers of candidates standing in the Free Students Union (FSU) election for constituent campuses under Tribhuvan University is taking place today.

Candidacy can be filed from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm for the election taking place after almost a decade. The voting is being held on coming March 19. There are around 163,082 students who are eligible to vote to elect the FSU in their respective constituent colleges of the oldest university of the country.

Head of Students Welfare and Sports Directorate, Pashupati Adhikari, said that the number of students who will participate in the FSU elections of all constituent campuses except one campus has been received. Apart from Trichandra campus in Kathmandu valley, the number of voters who will participate in the election of 61 constituent campuses has been received.

A total of 66,646 students in 21 campuses in Kathmandu valley and 96,436 students in 40 campuses outside the valley are voters in FSU elections. The highest number of student voters is in Prithvi Narayan Multipurpose Campus in Pokhara, with 10,870 students taking part in the FSU elections in the campus. The lowest number of student voters is 71 in Chitwan Engineering Campus Chitwan. Apart from the 62 constituent colleges, there are 1,040 campuses affiliated to the university across the country.


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