Law not adequate to check misuse of technology: Minister Sharma

Dainik Nepal Mar 10, 2023 | 20:04

Kathmandu: Minister for Communications and Information Technology Rekha Sharma said there was a lack of law to regulate and check the misuse of technology in the country.

At a programme organized here today by Women Security Pressure Group Nepal, Minister Sharma, also the government spokesperson, said challenges were surfaced in preventing the misuse of technology in absence of regulatory law. “Nepal has been using all the technologies developed in the world but there is no law to regulate its possible misuse”, the Minister added.

Noting that the communications ministry was effortful in framing necessary policies, she said, adding that, “Now we are discussing in the ministry on a policy related to cybercrime regulation”. Minister Sharma also urged all to remain cautious on the increasing trend of violence against women with the rise in the misuse of technology.

She said technology could be made women-friendly only when there was participation of women in the development of technology. “We use technology but its literacy has not reached out to the grassroots level. In order to check the rise in the violence against women with the misuse of technology, literacy campaigns should be made further practical”.


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