Presidential election taking place today

Dainik Nepal Mar 09, 2023 | 10:36

Kathmandu: The presidential election is taking place today. A new president will be elected through the polls for five years. All preparations for voting that starts from 10 am to 3 pm have been over, said assistant returning officer Amrita Kumari Sharma.

Separate polling stations have been designated for the voters in the Lotse chamber in the Parliament Building in New Baneshwor. Ram Chandra Paudel from the Nepali Congress and Subash Chandra Nembang from the CPN (UML) are running for the coveted position. Paudel, former Speaker, has been supported by the recently formed nine-party alliance. Nembang previously served as chairperson of the Constituent Assembly.

According to the Constitution of Nepal, a president will be elected, and the president is entrusted with the responsibility to protect and abide by the constitution, and promote the national unity. The country entered the presidential system following the establishment of republic through the 2062/63 movements.

There are a total of 882 eligible voters who are members of the federal parliament including the National Assembly and the House of Representatives and the Province Assembly (332 under the Federal Parliament and 550 under the Province Assembly). The Federal Parliament has 79 weighted votes, and the Province Assembly 48. According to the constitution, no person shall be elected to the Office of President more than twice.


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