UML Chair Oli calls for unity to end VAW

Dainik Nepal Mar 08, 2023 | 16:38

Kathmandu: CPN (UML) Chairperson KP Sharma Oli has stressed the need for all sides of the society to cooperate and create awareness to discourage all sorts of violence against women (VAW).

There should be laws in place that root out all sorts of VAW, gender discrimination and violence by booking perpetrators and compensating victims, he said in a message of best wishes today on the occasion of the 113th International Women’s Day.

He blamed ignorance and evil practices for the existence of remnants of witchcraft, Chhaupadi, dowry, child marriage and racial discrimination. “Laws and efforts of the state are not enough to end such bad practices. There must be social awakening,” he said.

Stating that Nepali women were always at the forefront in all sorts of movements for changes, and participated in political, economic and social transformation of the country, the former Prime Minister stressed the need for their equal participation in all sectors. “I want to urge all sisters and brothers to come together for launching a campaign to empower women while educating people to help end VAW and creating the culture of respecting all sisters,” read the message.


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