Depositors in trouble after cooperatives close services

Dainik Nepal Mar 07, 2023 | 9:44

Tulsipur: The service seekers have been badly affected after the Shiva Shikar Multi-Purpose Cooperatives at Tulsipur closed its services.

With the closure of Cooperatives for a month, the depositors are forced to return empty handed. A fruit trader from BP Chowk, Tulsi Nepali, who had deposited Rs 127 thousand in the Cooperatives, is now regretting over the saving.

“It has been almost a month. Although employees in Cooperatives said they will open the office, they did not. It has been difficult to pay the loan,” he shared the plight.

Similarly, Chandra Kali BK is another to deposit Rs 60,000 in the Shiva Shikar Cooperatives. She visited the office many times to take the money, but in vain. “Nobody is present in the office. When they are contacted over phone, they said they will pay by coming July,” she explained the problem.

She had planned to undergo medication with the saving, but now it is not certain when she gets her money back from Cooperatives.

Moreover, Ashok Bhandari, who runs a fancy clothes shop at Tulsipur, informed that he had also deposited some amount for future in the Cooperatives. He reached the Cooperatives office many times, but returned empty handed. “Although little (Rs 6,000), I had to toil for earning it. Now, I’m facing monetary problems,” he said.

According to him, even a mart is run by the Cooperatives, but the mart denied slashing from his saving amount for his purchase.

The Cooperatives had issued a notice on February 10 that it would close down services till another notice reasoning it was unable to pay back the depositors due to economic recession.


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