President election: Publicity to suspend from midnight today

Dainik Nepal Mar 06, 2023 | 20:33

Kathmandu: The Election Commission (EC) has notified that the silence period of publicity for the election of the President scheduled for March 9 will commence from 12 tonight.

The EC stated that the period of suspension of the election publicity in connection with the Presidential election will be from midnight of March 6 until the voting booths are closed on March 9. It has issued an Election Code of Conduct, 2023 to be effective from March 1 to 19 in exercise of the powers given it under Clause 22 of the Election Commission Act, 2073 BS.

The Election Code of Conduct, 2023 has the provision which states that the silence period would be in force 48 hours before the voting day until the voting centres are closed on the voting day for conducting the election in a free, fair, credible, transparent and fear-free environment.

Election publicity activities including any type of discussions, interaction, assemblies, meetings, workshop, seminar etc. cannot be organized during the silence period in accordance with Clause 24 (5) of the Election (Offence and Punishment) Act, 2073 and Clause 17 of the Election Code of Conduct, 2023.

Likewise, any form of canvassing for or against any candidate through electronic mediums as SMS, Facebook, Viber and social sites have been prohibited. Similarly, activities like issuing statements, press release, publishing and broadcasting any materials and dissemination of materials projecting victory or defeat through communication media in contravention of the code of conduct are banned.

The EC has urged all the sides concerned to maintain the fairness and dignity of the election through abidance of the election laws and code of conduct in the election to the President, the highest and revered public office of the nation.


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