CIB initiates action against Prithvi Bahadur Shah and his accomplices

Dainik Nepal

Kathmandu: The Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) of Nepal Police has decided to file a case against Prithvi Bahadur Shah and his aides in connection with organized crimes, including cooperatives frauds and forgery.

Organizing a press conference on Wednesday, the Bureau informed that investigation on the crimes relating to the Shah and his aides was completed.

The people belonging to Shah’s group had established more than 24 companies and defrauded people in the pretext of anti-virus update, and clearance of Amazon bills. They were defrauding people via email, the police said informing about the investigation.

The gang closely monitored the phone and sought remote access to their phones. It further enabled them to send the people fake bank statement in their digital devices, showing deposit and later withdrawing the real saving from people. The gang had targeted the cancer patients and senior citizens.

Prithvi Bahadur Shah had collected Rs 388.6 million from such crimes and invested in purchase of land, house, shares, and gold while the foreigners were asked to deposit money in Shah’s various accounts via SWIFT code, according to Superintendent of Police, Sanjay Singh Thapa.

Seven persons including Prithvi Bahadur and Bijay Bikram Shah have been arrested by the police. Thirteen others have been absconding. A total of 24 complaints were filed against them while the number of victims they made reached 56 in course of the investigation.


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