Onset of pre-monsoon with exit of winter

Dainik Nepal Mar 01, 2023 | 14:17

Kathmandu: Pre-monsoon has started throughout the country with the exit of winter, the Department of Hydrology and Meteorology said.

Meteorologist Manju Basi said the pre-monsoon that started from today or March 1 will last for three months. It will remain in March, April and May, followed by the start of monsoon.

The pre-monsoon period is characterized by thunder and lightning coupled with gusty winds and the possibility of hailstone and rain towards the afternoon, the meteorologist Basi said. The local wind has much influence during the time of this weather system.

There are chances of light rain at one or two places of the hilly region due to the impact of the local wind, Basi said, adding that light rain and snowfall is likely at one or two places of Sudurpaschim and Karnali provinces today.

The Department said that this year received the lowest precipitation in winter since 14 years. Light to normal rainfall occurred in some places including in Kathmandu and Pokhara some days back at about end time of the winter season.

The Department also informed that scant snowfall occurred in the high-hilly and mountainous districts during winter this year.


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