Two injured in fire airlifted to Kathmandu

Dainik Nepal Feb 25, 2023 | 14:12

Kathmandu: Two youths of Panchadev Municipality-8 in Achham district, who were seriously injured in fire on February 23, have been airlifted to Kathmandu in Nepali Army’s chopper for further treatment at the initiative of the Office of the Prime Minister.

Himraj Rokamagar, 21, and Piram Rokamagar, 19, were injured when a house caught fire on February 23. They were admitted at Surkhet Hospital and the hospital recommended the patients for Kirtipur-based Burn Hospital for further treatment.

Of the injured, Himraj has sustained 80 per cent burns while Piram 36 per cent. The family of the injured had appealed to the Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ to take initiative to bring them to Kathmandu.

Viewing the sensitivity of the incident, the Office of the Prime Minister directed the bodies concerned to make arrangement to bring the injured ones to the hospital immediately and they were airlifted to Kathmandu at the coordination of Home Ministry, according to PM Dahal’s Secretariat.


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