Kalika Temple in Baglung gets renovated

Dainik Nepal Feb 22, 2023 | 9:05

Galkot: Kalika Temple, also a religious tourist destination in Baglung district, has undergone renovation. The renovation is as part of the temple Guthi management committee’s five-year strategic plan to add beauty to the temple, it has been said.

As part of the renovation, metal sheets have been used for the roofing, and bricks used in an artistic way. Similarly, the construction of sheds, and a firepit for performing a ritual is underway. It took two months for the copper roofing, said the Guthi management committee.

After the renovation, the temple’s appearance has been maintained in an artistic way, said the Guthi management committee chairperson Kumar Khadka, adding that other structures would be constructed in an archeological style. “The temple’s inner structures were dilapidated. The copper roofing leaked. So, they got repaired in two phases,” he said.

Woods and metals would be used to replace cemented and stoned structures in the temple, he said, adding that the renovation cost Rs 2.6 million. The committee estimates Rs 8.3 million for the construction of sheds and a firepit (Rs 7 million for the construction of sheds, and Rs 1.3 million for a firepit).


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