NC’s candidate to become next president: General Secretary Sharma

Dainik Nepal Feb 19, 2023 | 19:53

Surkhet: Nepali Congress General Secretary Bishwo Prakash Sharma claimed that NC’s candidate would be the next president.

He made this statement at a gathering of the NC cadres organised today in Surkhet district by the NC, Surkhet. “The NC’s candidate should be the next president. There is no doubt over it,” he said. It was natural that the NC in the capacity of a big party in the parliament should get the coveted post of President responsible for safeguarding and implementing the constitution, he viewed.

The NC General Secretary also stressed the need for a discussion within the party to find out ‘mistakes’ that forced the big party to stay in the opposition instead of leading the government. The old alliance would be revived in some days, he maintained.


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