Fagun 7 is a day of historic importance: Prime Minister

Dainik Nepal Feb 19, 2023 | 14:54

Kathmandu: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has said that the 7th of the Nepali month Fagun is a day of historic significance for Nepal and the Nepali people. Addressing to a special programme organised on the occasion of the National Democracy Day, 2023 here today, Prime Minister Dahal recalled that our forefathers had 73 years ago achieved victory against the autocratic family rule through a life and death struggle for democratic rights. “Very big revolutions, movements and struggles have taken place in the country from the struggle full of sacrifices of the Nepali people to overthrow the autocratic Rana oligarchy for the establishment of democracy till the present. All these revolutions, revolts and struggles have played a historic role for democracy, peace, forward-looking change, social justice and economic and social transformation,” the PM said.

Expressing high respect to all these movements on the occasion of the National Democracy Day, he has appealed to all the people to come together for fulfilling the national task of preparing the basis for a socialism-oriented state.

He believed that a deep confidence and love towards democracy and a sense of ownership for the protection of the political system and for its continued development would be instilled at the people’s level only through the highest and best practice of the political, economic and social dimensions of democracy. The Prime Minister believed that it would be possible to constantly strengthen democracy and prepare the base for socialism only through the active and enthusiastic participation of people in the institutional guarantee of democracy, the dynamic execution of federalism and in the governance system. “We have an important task before us that is the task of changing the status of the people in line with the changed political system giving the real feel of change by means of social justice. The continued evolution of democracy and its sustainability is possible only with the consciousness and ownership of the people,” he reiterated.

Noting that the national aspiration of the Nepali people for development and prosperity since decades back can be fulfilled by further consolidating the democracy and the democratic system, PM Dahal said social justice can be ensured and good governance and prosperity given an impetus through the proportional representation of and qualitative transformation in the economic life of the oppressed, marginalized, underprivileged classes, communities, regions, genders and peoples alone. He reiterated that the progressive implementation of the democratic system and the constitution was possible only by strengthening and implementing the federal democratic republic in an effective way.

The Prime Minister said a broader national consensus is the historic need of the day for building a socialism-oriented economy and achieving the inclusive economic prosperity based on equality and the social justice adopted by the constitution. He added that the new government formed in the backdrop when the country’s politics and the economy are facing a difficult situation is moving forward to ensuring good governance and transforming the people’s economic status through smooth and accessible service delivery by determining the priority of social justice, good governance and prosperity along with national consensus. “The government is steadfast in its resolve to institutionalise the prosperity by addressing the challenges of the economy, establish sustainable peace in the nation on the basis of transitional justice and to establish independent and balanced diplomatic relations by internalising the country’s geo-political situation,” Prime Minister Dahal said. On the occasion, he expressed the best wishes that may the 73rd National Democracy Day become successful in guaranteeing economic prosperity, good governance and social justice along with the consolidation of the federal democratic republic Nepal and the protection and progressive implementation of the democracy and the constitution. President Bidya Devi Bhandari, Vice President Nanda Bahadur Pun, Acting Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Hari Krishna Karki and Speaker of the House of Representatives Devraj Ghimire were present on the occasion.

Also attending the programme were the Deputy Prime Ministers, the Ministers, lawmakers, heads of constitutional bodies, special-class officers of the Government of Nepal, representatives of the foreign diplomatic missions, chiefs of the security bodies, journalists and others. The Nepali Army, Nepal Police and the Armed Police Force presented march-past and various other eternal songs.


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