Building foundation for socialism-oriented state is today’s national agenda: PM Prachanda

Dainik Nepal Feb 19, 2023 | 7:32

Kathmandu: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has said that building a basis for the socialism-oriented state through progressive implementation of the constitution was the national agenda.

In a message of greetings today on the occasion of the 73rd Democracy Day, PM Prachanda has said that Nepal’s democracy established on the basis of people’s dedication, devotion and sacrifice has arrived to this glorious stage of federal democratic republic after its reforms and revisions.

The PM has called for working continuously for more achievements by safeguarding the achievements obtained on the basis of the historical revolution, movements and people’s struggles. For today’s entire achievements, the movement of 2007 BS, People’s Movement of 2046 BS, People’s War, historical People’s Movement of 2062/063 BS and the judicious movements of all oppressed classes, castes, regions, sexes and communities have decisive roles, according to PM Prachanda.

In his message, the PM has said that the incumbent government was committed to transform the people’s livelihood as per the changing political context while moving ahead in the goal of social justice, good-governance and prosperity.

Likewise, the PM has expressed heartfelt condolences to the great martyrs for the sacrifices of their invaluable lives for the cause of establishing democracy. PM Prachanda has also expressed his deep respect to all the warriors of Nepal’s democratic movements.


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