Speaker extends best wishes on Democracy Day

Dainik Nepal Feb 19, 2023 | 7:25

Kathmandu: Speaker of the House of Representatives, Devraj Ghimire, has said achieving a rapid development is the prime challenge facing the nation at the moment. “A long phase of efforts for democracy has been over and the acceleration of development endevours remains as a challenge before the nation.”

In his message of best wishes on the occasion of the National Democracy Day- 2079 BS today, the Speaker said federal republic system was a conscientious achievement of Nepali citizens as the nation failed to make a way ahead for years despite the success of the movement against the then Rana regime in 1951. As he insisted, such achievements need to be protected and strengthened.

Extending his tributes to all those who attained martyrdom for their fight for democracy in the country, the Speaker said, “May the National Democracy Day inspire all of us to have a resolution for peace, good governance, development and prosperity.”


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