Resunga reports five more species of birds

Dainik Nepal Feb 15, 2023 | 16:07

Resunga: Five more species of birds have been identified inhabiting the Resunga forest area in Gulmi. During a survey conducted by the Birds Association Gulmi, five species of birds locally known as Tuinsi Suga (Plum-headed Parakeet), Kotero Munia ( Scaly-breasted Munia), Chachale Sudsudiya (Common Sandpiper), Chakhewachakhewi (Ruddy Shelduck) and Tilhari ( Ibisbill) were recorded in the forest.

According to Association project officer Bharat Panthi, 29 percent out of 892 species in Nepal, are found in the area. With the latest finding, Resunga reports the presence of 258 species of birds. Rare species of vulture such as Eastern Imperial Eagle, White-rumped Vulture, Steppe Eagle, Red-headed Vulture and Egyptian Vulture are found here.

Releasing the finding of the survey, Resunga municipality’s mayor Khildhwaj Panthi said, “Resunga is one of the major habitats of birds and in addition to this, it is a historic, religious and touristic area as well.”
The Association said climate change impact has posed challenges for the protection of birds’ habitats in Resunga. The Resunga forest spreads over 7,903 hectares of land. The forest is home to 125 species of plants, 71 species of herbs, 25 species of mammals, 19 species of butterfly, 19 species of reptiles, 11 species of fish and six species of amphibians. It was in 2005 identified as a significant site for the habitat of birds. It lies at 2,350 meters above the sea level.


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