Intergovernmental relations needed: Chief Minister Giri

Dainik Nepal Feb 15, 2023 | 14:09

Lumbini: Chief Minister of Lumbini Province Leela Giri has said coexistence, coordination and cooperation among the three layers of government is needed for the meaningful implementation of federalism.

In a message today on the occasion of the Lumbini Province Establishment Day, Chief Minister Giri called for meaningful efforts of all for practical implementation of federalism adding that he was moving ahead considering the goal of ‘Prosperous Province, Self-Reliant Lumbini’ by keeping development, prosperity and good-governance at the centre.

The Chief Minister has also promised to give a continuity to the efforts made in the past five years for the implementation of federalism. In his message, Giri has stated about the management of the permanent province capital in Deukhuri of Rapti valley from Butwal.

“We have committed to completing the development of the (province) capital city along with a prosperous and well-planned town based on river civilization,” according to the Chief Minister. Saying that the province government was visible and audible in the past five years, Chief Minister Giri said that the province government was working to establish the notion that federal democratic republic could be shared in the citizens’ lifestyle by giving them a realization of democracy.


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