Maoist gradually towards transformation: PM Dahal

Dainik Nepal Feb 11, 2023 | 19:44

Kathmandu: Prime Minister and Chairman of the CPN (Maoist Centre) Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has said the Maoist Centre was gradually heading to unity and transformation. With this, the Maoist Centre has a bright future, he asserted.

Addressing the central committee meeting of the Nepal Dalit Liberation Front at party central office, Koteshwor, today, Chairman Dahal viewed, “We’ve got opportunity to lead the government. It is however challenging as well. It must be utilized at scale for the welfare of people,” he said, adding that the lone efforts of PM were however not adequate for change.

All three layers of government should work in unison to show results. Even the party cadres and leaders should be devoted to people’s interest and country’s development, according to him. Social justice, good governance and prosperity are government’s top priority, he reminded, adding that entire country should be united to materialize the priorities. “The standing committee of the party has decided how the party could play a role to make effective the government. A two-month long organizational campaign will be run for strengthening party,” Chairman Dahal shared.

Even the efforts for party unity and formation of a socialist front were going on. The unity would be formed with the matching parties immediately while socialist alliance with others. “We overcome all of them and move ahead. By the next election, our party will emerge powerful, thereby becoming a reliable alternative force in the country,” he assured.

Dahal further reminded that the government he led got unprecedented trust which is historical. It reflects that the party is all acceptable and got justice too. In Dahal’s view, the trust vote he got was not only for the PM’s post but also for the agenda for change and the leadership for it.

Getting nearly 100 percent votes from the parliament was historically important, he maintained. “Only the Maoist leadership can unite the country, and bring all political parties aboard. It is the only Maoist leadership which can get a national consensus. So, our movements and leadership are acceptable in the country,” said the PM.

He stressed the need for oppressed people to get their rights. “We launched big movements and made sacrifices in the past. As a result, people got their rights. But, this is not enough. Now, forces against changes are trying to limit people’s rights,” he warned.

Existing political changes are not possible without roles and struggles of the Dalit community, and they played an important role in the country’s revolutionary movements, he stated. The government would accord high priority to address demands and issues of the Dalit community in the government’s policies, programmes and budget, he assured.


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