Niharika and Shiva Raj come to an agreement

Dainik Nepal Feb 01, 2023 | 20:02

Dhanusha: Niharika Rajput and Shiva Raj Shrestha have come to an agreement through mutual consent on partition of property.

The case was settled in Dhanusha in the presence of Dhanusha judge Brajesh Pyakurel in accordance with the section 194 (4) of National Civil Procedures (Code). With this development in the case, Niharika and Shiva Raj have also agreed to live as a couple.

It may be noted that Niharika had filed a case seeking alimony from Shiva Raj, a resident of Janakpurdham Sub metropolis-4 at the District Court Dhanusha. However, the case was settled through mutual consent after Shiva Raj agreed to recognise Niharika as his spouse and the child as his son.

Prior to seeking alimony from Shiva Raj, Niharika had accused him of raping her under threats and enticements. She had moved the District Court Dhanusha against Shiva Raj, who was charged of raping her since 23 October, 2019. The available document reads the child was born on August 21, 2020.

In the case, a bench of judge Parshuram Bhattarai on February 7, 2022 acquitted Shiva Raj of the charge. However, the court verdict was challenged at the High Court Janakapur. The High Court had ordered a DNA test of Shiva Raj and Niharika’s child, which was also one of the demands of Niharika. The DNA tests of Shiva Raj and the child matched and it was followed by the filing of a case of alimony by Niharika against Shiva Raj.

The case of rape charge against Shiva Raj is sub-judice at the High court Janakpur. Niharika sat for a hunger strike time and again demanding the DNA test of her son and reinvestigation of the case since the beginning. She also tired self-immolation in front of the Office of the President,Shital Niwas, which exerted pressure on the bodies concerned to proceed with her demand for the DNA test.


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