Labourers trapped in Mahakali river rescued

Dainik Nepal Jan 30, 2023 | 18:33

Dodhara Chandani: Police have rescued 20 labourers trapped in the Mahakali river.

The labourers were trapped in the Mahakali River in Bhujela of Bhimadat Municipality-11 after the sluice gates of the Sharada Barrage at the Banbasa Bridge were opened without prior notice. The flow of water in the Mahakali river increased all of a sudden and the laborers trapped in the middle of the river along with the tractors that were there to bring sand and gravel.

Deputy Superintendent of Police Chakra Bahadur Shah shared that 20 laborers, including eight tractor drivers, submerged in the Mahakali river were rescued safely. With coordination with the barrage management authorities, the sluice gates of the bridge were closed and the laborers along with tractors and their drivers were rescued safely.
The Indian side opened the barrage gate on Monday without informing the Nepali administration thereby leading to the incident.


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