SC’s verdict testimony of rule of law: Leader Koirala

Dainik Nepal Jan 28, 2023 | 14:52

Biratnagar: A central member of the Nepali Congress, Dr Sekhar Koirala, has said the Supreme Court’s order given on Friday is the testament of rule of law in Nepal.

Leader Koirala said it while inaugurating the first convention of Nepal Press Union Province-1 committee today. He viewed election to new President should be held before March 13. “As none is above the law, everyone should act in line with constitution,” Koirala added.

He further viewed change in government is normal in politics. So, Nepali Congress, as the largest political party, has the possibility to lead the government any time in future. Similarly, leader Koirala expressed worry that politics of the Nepali Congress and of the country were in a difficult stage. The country is in a financially fragile situation.

He lauded the initiatives to reduce the number of ministries at all seven provinces, to which even the federal government could pay heed. “The state coffers is getting emptied even to pay government employees and distribute social security allowance,” he reminded, urging government to slash day-to-day expense and increase revenue.

On the occasion, National Assembly member Ramesh Jung Rayamajhi stressed the need for NC to devote to thoughts, vision and organization. Various other leaders including Rajiv Koirala and Amrit Aryal, and central Chairperson of Nepal Press Union, Shiva Lamsal expressed views on the occasion.


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