Nepal Army’s 260th anniversary to be celebrated

Dainik Nepal Jan 28, 2023 | 10:16

Kathmandu: The Nepal Army is going to celebrate 260th anniversary of its foundation by organising a variety of programmes.

Also observed as the Army Day on Falgun 6 of the Lunar Calendar every year, the NA is trying to a set a new record by playing 555 madal or Nepali drum at the same time in addition to exhibition of various military skills at the Army Pavilion in Tundikhel.

The NA is going to carry out this activity to contribute to the preservation and promotion of Nepali traditional art and culture, said NA Spokesperson Krishna Prasad Bhandari. Starting this year, the lighting of Akhand Dip will be held in honor of martyrs at Bir Smarak or brave memorial located at Tundikhel.

The present day Nepali Army is believed to have been institutionalized during the unification campaign of modern Nepal in 1819 B.S. by then King Prithivi Narayan Shah.


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