Good-governance a precondition to reduce current expenditure: Chief Minister Adhikari

Dainik Nepal Jan 27, 2023 | 18:56

Pokhara: Chief Minister of Gandaki Province Khaga Raj Adhikari has asked the secretaries of the province government to expedite the processes to spend the capital expenditure while remaining economical on current expenses.

Taking briefings from the ministers and secretaries at the Office of the Chief Minister and Council of Ministers on Thursday, Adhikari argued that financial good-governance, and development was a precondition to minimize the current expenditure.

On the occasion, Chief Minister Adhikari directed the stakeholders to translate the issue of good-governance in practice, not merely in speeches and slogans. Special steps are needed to clear the past arrears and prevent from happening the new arrears by fully abiding by the Economic Act, Rules and Procedures, according to the Chief Minister.

Reminding the officials of the decision to make the province government’s organizations prompt for its effective operation being cost-effective, Adhikari asked the officials to cooperate with the principal secretary-led organization and management committee for making an objective organization and management (O and M). In its bid to reduce the operation cost, the province government has already downsized the ministries from 12 to seven in Gandaki Province


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