Call to remain alert of hazy and smoggy weather

Dainik Nepal Jan 26, 2023 | 11:04

Kathmandu: The Weather Forecasting Division has urged the general public to adopt precautions as the smog and haze engulfing some parts of Terai since early this morning would generally affect normal life.

Issuing a notice for coming 24 hours, the Division has asked the people to keep necessary precaution and alert measures as the smog and haze was likely to affect day-to-day life, health, surface and air transports.

Presently the westerly low pressure system has partial impact in the weather condition across the country. It has caused partial to general changes in the weather condition in Gandaki province and partial changes in Madhes, Bagmati and Lumbini provinces. Likewise, weather would remain clear in remaining provinces, the Division shared.

In the afternoon today, there would be partial to general changes in province-1, Madhe province and Bagmati province while Gandaki province would witness partial changes. Remaining provinces would see clean weather as predicted. Same type of weather condition is likely to prevail in the night time. Today Kathmandu has a minimum temperature of six degree Celsius and maximum 22 degree Celsius. –


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