Tulsipur Sub-Metropolis to collect tax from houses built in unregistered lands

Dainik Nepal Jan 24, 2023 | 11:26

Tulsipur: Tulsipur Sub-Metropolis has decided to collect tax from the houses built in the unregistered land. Municipal service fee is being collected from the people for making houses and using public space.

The financial development committee of Tulsipur Sub-Metropolis is preparing to collect tax after getting the decision approved by forthcoming municipal assembly. With the endorsement by the assembly, the service fee would be collected from all wards.

The municipal assembly of Tulsipur Sub-Metropolis is being held on February 3. Executive member of the Sub-Metropolis, Khusiram Chaudhari, informed that Sub-Metropolis was holding the 12th municipal meeting on February 3.

Meanwhile, the local level has decided to remove three concrete houses located at north-east of Sub-Metropolis office. The owners of the houses were asked for it, according to engineer Pawan Yogi.


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