Pokhara plane crash: Doctor family cremated en masse on Seti River bank

Dainik Nepal Jan 22, 2023 | 20:10

Lekhnath: A doctor’s family killed in the Yeti Airlines plane crash has cremated en masse on the bank of Seti River, eight days after the accident. The doctor family is from Ganesh Tole of Pokhara-4.

The hospital handed over the dead bodies after eight days of the crash. Dr Sushil Shretha, 38; his spouse Dr Sona Shrestha and their 15-month-old baby were cremated en masse on Sunday.

The dead couple was cremated in the same pyre while the baby was buried on the river bank. As Sushil’a father was not able to stand with the tragedy and suffering from disease, a brahman has been hired for conducting the obsequies.

The bodies of dead three members of the same family were all shredded and unidentifiable in the plane crash. Dr Sushil was an orthopedic surgeon at National Trauma Centre in Kathmandu while his wife Dr Sona was also pursuing a MD degree.

Father of the dead one, Madan Kaji Shretha is being commiserated upon this irreparable loss of family members. Shrestha is also the advisor of CPN (Unified Socialist).
It was very difficult to console Madan Kaji when the dead bodies were brought to home, according to neighbour, Krishman Palikhe. Similarly, Dr Sushil’s mother is feeble and faint.


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