The music video ‘Chahidaina bho paisa ko thupro ni’, which inspires Nepalese people to stay at homecountry, has been released.

Dainik Nepal Jan 19, 2023 | 14:48

Kathmandu: Sudan Gaire, a singer who has been living in America for a long time and has been active in music, has released a new music video called “‘Chahidaina bho paisa ko thupro ni .”

The song expresses the feeling that you don’t have to go abroad to earn money, but you can do something in Nepal with the expense of going abroad.

The lyrics of this song are by Ganesh Shahi and the music is by the singer Sudan Gaire himself. The song has been composed by Pushkar Sunuwar.

In the music video, the life struggle of two young couples is presented. The song presents the situation when the wife leaves her husband in the country and is ready to go for foreign employment.



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