Dr.Toshima Karki likely to become Health Minister of Nepal

Dainik Nepal


Kathmandu: The Rastriya Swotantra Party(RSP), one of the main components of the formation of power, will get two more ministries of Nepal.

It has been informed that there has been an agreement between the coalition to give two more ministries to the RSP. It has been informed that there has been an agreement to give the Ministry of Health to the RSP.

The other ministry has not been decided yet. Even though it is said that the Ministry of Sports will be given to the RSP, it has not been decided yet.

It is almost certain that the RSP will get the Ministry of Health. Ravi Lamichhane, chairman of RSVP, has already become Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister. Along with getting two more ministries, RSP will take over the responsibility of three ministries.

With the confirmation that the Ministry of Health will be given to Dr. The discussion of Tosima Karki becoming the Minister of Health has started.

It is said that there was a positive discussion within the party about making Karki, who is related to the health sector, a minister. Tosima is an elected Member of Parliament from Lalitpur No. 3.




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