Endoscopy service resumes at Kanti Children Hospital

Dainik Nepal Jan 14, 2023 | 14:42

Kathmandu: The endoscopy service which was disrupted for two years due to lack of human resources at Kanti Children Hospital has been resumed.

Executive Director at Hospital, Dr Yubanidhi Basaula, shared the information that the endoscopy service was begun again for a month. Endoscopy is done in patients to know the internal problems. This service for children is available only at this government facility.

Earlier, for lack of the endoscopy service, the child patients had to be sent to the private hospital.

Now, this service is provided once in a week- every Tuesday, Dr Basaula added.

The Hospital has also launched the colonoscopy and biopsy services for a month. Currently, the Kanti Children Hospital has 300-bed hospital and is daily patient flow is over 600. It was shared that hospital was planning to expand service reaching 1,000 beds.


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