Balen’s bulldozer rolled into New Baneshwar: Balen demanded for (PSO)

Dainik Nepal Jan 13, 2023 | 17:59

Kathmandu: Kathmandu Metropolitan City has also run a dozer in New Baneshwar area.

The metropolis has demolished the unauthorized structure built in the Chowk of New Baneshwar.

Lately, the Metropolitan Corporation has been rapidly demolishing illegal structures within the metropolitan area. Besides, Kathmandu Metropolitan City Mayor Balendra Shah (Balen) has requested security from the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Mayor Balen has demanded a Personal Security Officer (PSO) saying that he was in danger. He has said that threats against him have increased after speeding up the removal of encroachments in Kathmandu.

Following the instructions of the Ministry of Home Affairs, 190 members of the Nepal Police and 126 members of the Armed Police have been returned.

The Peace and Security Division has said that after examining the application, if it seemed necessary, security personnel will be sent.



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