PM Dahal pledges to provide meaningful support from the government to transfer the handicraft skills

Dainik Nepal Jan 13, 2023 | 15:42

Kathmandu: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ assured of the government lending a meaningful support to pass down the unique skills of Nepal’s handicrafts.

Inaugurating the 42nd annual general assembly of the Federation of Handicraft Associations of Nepal here today, the Prime Minister pledged to expand handicraft industries in all seven provinces. Stating that handicrafts of Nepal were original sector, Dahal committed to further expand it and facilitated for economic development.

“Handicraft is an organic sector for Nepal. It has unlimited potential” viewed the head of the government, adding that if this sector was properly developed, trade deficit could be reduced and country’s uniqueness would be propagated all over the country.

He spoke of the need to promote handicraft industry in partnership of the private sector. “We cannot achieve targeted success in the goal of prosperity without partnership with private sector and until we take the private sector in confidence.”

Prime Minister Dahal said that he had taken few steps towards economic development and prosperity from the first meeting of the Council of Ministers.” I have clearly mentioned it in the directives given to the secretaries of government and address in the parliament.”

“I am committed not to do any wrongdoing this time. Neither will I let others do so. I will do only good works this time. I have become Prime Minister for the third time. This is a test for me. I must pass the test and I will,” Dahal said.

“The people through the recently conducted parliamentary elections gave us a mandate to go together but not to be arrogant,” he stated. In another context, the Prime Minister called for incorporating handicraft related contents in the curriculum of schools for the promotion of handicraft business.

‘I believe there is a problem of skill transfer in handicraft industry. We must take initiatives in transferring skill to next generation. So, I am positive and take initiatives to incorporate handicraft related matters in the school curriculum.’



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