Four trillion 80 billion remittances has been received in five months

Dainik Nepal Jan 13, 2023 | 13:43

Kathmandu: Until the end of December of the current financial year, remittances worth 480 billion 500 million have been received.

According to the report of five months of the current year released by Nepal Rastra Bank today, the remittance inflow has increased by 23% during the review period. In the same period of the previous year, the remittance inflow decreased by 6.3%.

The remittance inflow in US dollars increased by 13.1 percent and reached 3.71 billion. Last year, such flow decreased by 6.8%.

During the review period, net transfer increased by 21.6 percent and reached Rs.5 trillion, 30.6 billion. In the same period of the previous year, such transfer decreased by 5.3%.



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