Home Minister Lamichhane pledges to work for uplift of Tharu community

Dainik Nepal Jan 12, 2023 | 20:23

Chitwan: Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Home Affairs Rabi Lamichhane has pledged to engage efforts for the uplift of Tharu community. In his address to the inauguration of the 8th Khichara festival at Khairahani in East Chitwan on Thursday, he said that the government and his ministry would emphatically work for resolving the problems of Tharu community.

“I would remain attentive and wise to address the issues of Tharu community for their uplift and development”, he noted, adding such festivals would very indeed contribute to preserve the culture of the indigenous community. “Other communities should also learn the culture of respect and hospitality from Tharu community”, Lamichhane added.

On the occasion, Minister for Economic Affairs and Planning of Bagmati Province, Jagannath Upadhyay said Tharu’s Maghi festival has now turned to be the common celebration of all communities. “The festival I expect would play spectacular role for the overall betterment of Chitwan”, he further said.

He shared the Bagmati province government would work to connect tourism with infrastructure for the development of tourism sector of Chitwan. It may be noted that the Tharu Kalyankari Sabha Chitwan Constituency-7 has been organizing the festival on the occasion of Maghe Sankranti every year. The festival would continue up to January 18.

Coordinator of the Festival Main Organizing Committee Krishna Lal Chaudhary shared that emphasis has been laid out on the customs, traditions and culture as well as food varieties of Tharu community people across the country.

He further said the festival was an effort to bring together the cultural diversities of Tharus residing in 25 districts of Nepal. The festival has 150 commercial stalls, including that of 30 hotels.
Meanwhile, Home Minister Lamichhane directed the authorities to stop the unlawful import of chicks and eggs. At a discussion organized here today by poultry entrepreneurs, Minister Lamichhane issued directive to the district-based security agencies to stop illegal import of chickens and its related products.

The entrepreneurs had drawn the attention of the home minister towards the import of chickens and eggs through different checkpoints of the country. Minister Lamichhane had telephoned the security officials of Nepalgunj, Sindhuli and Sarlahi to check illegal import of chicken. Also today, he expressed the government’s commitment to address the challenges surfaced in the industrial sector and put coherent efforts of the expansion of private sector. He was saying so at a programme organized by the Chitwan Chamber of Commerce.


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