Registration of three candidates for the Speaker of Bagmati Province

Dainik Nepal Jan 12, 2023 | 15:26

Kathmandu: Three candidates have been nominated for Speaker of Bagmati Province.

Candidates are from Nepali Congress, Nepal Labor Farmers Party and Rashtriya Prajatantra Party. Shivraj Adhikari from Nepali Congress, Srijana Sayju from Nemkipa and Bhuvan Pathak from RPP filed their candidature for Speaker.

Congress officials were elected to the Bagmati Provincial Assembly on a proportional basis. Congress has been demanding that the alliance should support the Speaker of Bagmati for supporting the government.

Similarly, RPP General Minister Bhuvan Pathak has filed his candidacy for the Speaker from the ruling coalition.
As the main positions were divided between the ruling parties, it was agreed that the Speaker of Bagmati would be taken by RPP.

According to which RPP has made him a candidate for Speaker. His proponent is Jagannath Thapalia of UML and his supporter is Yuvraj Dulal of CPN Maoist Center.


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