Rajendra Lingden: While remembering Prithvi Narayan Shah, no one should feel inferior

Dainik Nepal Jan 10, 2023 | 16:18

Kathmandu: Chairman of Rashtriya Prajatantra Party Lingden expressed his gratitude for the government’s decision to give a public holiday on Prithvi Jayanti and said that no one should feel inferior when remembering Prithvi Narayan Shah who unified Nepal.

During the discussion on the vote of confidence at the meeting of the House of Representatives on Tuesday, Lingden said that when expressing pride towards Prithvi Narayan Shah, one should not feel backward.

President Lingden said that he fully supports the government based on the promises made in terms of service delivery to the people and nationalism.

Lingden said that the people’s desire is to maintain good governance and speed up the pace of development.
He said that the current parliamentary structure has led to the situation where everyone has to go together.



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