Chairman Raut: We play an active role in protecting the best system in the world

Dainik Nepal Jan 09, 2023 | 17:24

Kathmandu: Janamat Party Chairman Dr. Chandrakant (CK) Raut has said that the party will play an active role for the sustainability of this system while respecting the federal democratic republic.

Addressing today’s meeting of the House of Representatives, he expressed his belief that the party will act responsibly to protect the best system in the world.

He Said, “We have high respect for the republican system, and the party will always play a leading role in protecting the democratic system.”

Speaker Raut thanked the people for their role in bringing them to Parliament and also remembered the previously elected candidates from their constituency.

He Said, “The party also respects passion and leadership. I have come here so that we can use it as a positive energy because the instinct seen in us is the desire for change in the people.”

He emphasized that Nepal is a diverse country and everyone should take the initiative to solve the problems of Nepal collectively. He said that the government should pay special attention to the various problems faced by the farmers.


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