Chairman of CPN United Socialist, Madhav Nepal: Let the people feel the change

Dainik Nepal Jan 09, 2023 | 16:55

Kathmandu: Chairman of CPN United Socialist Madhav Kumar Nepal has suggested the government to carry forward the work so that the people can feel the change.

In Monday’s meeting of the House of Representatives, Speaker Nepal said that the Prime Minister has committed to show change in all sectors and suggested to work in a way that the people can feel it.

Expressing the opinion that the time has come for all to protect the constitution and democratic republic, the political leaders mentioned that they have contributed in making the country and its people sovereign and independent.

He said that everyone should learn lessons from past experiences and pay serious attention to protect the constitution, nationalism and self-respect.

He insisted that corruption, procrastination, impunity, dereliction of duty have been rampant in the country, so everyone should unite to solve the problem.


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