PM: The government is serious about controlling corruption and ensuring good governance

Dainik Nepal Jan 08, 2023 | 16:40

Kathmandu: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has said that in order to control corruption and maintain good governance, the effective role of the government as well as the awareness of people is necessary.

In a discussion with the chief commissioner and commissioners of the Abuse of Authority Investigation Commission at Singha Durbar on Sunday morning, the Prime Minister said that the effective role of the government as well as national culture and awareness are necessary to control corruption and ensure good governance.

In the discussion, the Prime Minister said that in his third term of PM, he will focus on social justice, good governance and prosperity. The PM said, ‘Social justice, good governance and prosperity are the main priorities of the government.“In the discussion with the secretaries of the Government of Nepal, I have kept the same thing as a priority. People are looking at us with hope. We have to work with confidence and commitment that something will happen, something new will happen, good governance and prosperity will be achieved. For that, we need the help from you all state people.” Says PM Prachanda.

Prime Minister Prachanda said that good governance has been given high priority even in the minimum common program of the power partner parties.

“Good governance is the general responsibility of the state. The government is serious about this.Corruption prevention cannot be done by only one body. It is also a question of overall social consciousness and culture. It is also related to the awareness and initiative of the common people. It is also related to the awareness and initiative of the common people. It is the state’s responsibility to control corruption. I am fully responsible for this,”said the Prime Minister.

He said that even in the first meeting of the cabinet, the issue of good governance was raised seriously. “The government is serious about good governance and prosperity. We need more help from state people. Government will fully support to the commission as required. The government plays an effective role in law amendments, capacity building, structural reforms etc. Our bureaucracy is no weaker than any other bureaucracy in the world. The functionality of the security system is also good. However, due to the lack of willpower in the political leadership and the role of the government, proper management has not been possible. This time, proper leadership and proper management will be done,” said Prachanda.

During the discussion, the chief commissioner of the commission, Prem Kumar Rai, said that he was excited by the initial efforts made in favor of good governance after the formation of the current government. He said that the commission was encouraged by the Prime Minister’s directive to the secretaries of the Government of Nepal and that if all the organs of the state are responsible, the expected results can be achieved in controlling corruption. The Commission has also requested the Prime Minister to carry out the proposal of amendment of the Act under consideration in the Parliament, to play a parental role for the enhancement of the capacity of the Commission and the expansion of its scope of work. In the discussion, the Prime Minister said that he is ready to address all the positive proposals of the Commission for the prevention of corruption.


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