Mirchaiya’s current situation is strained

Dainik Nepal Jan 08, 2023 | 15:11

Kathmandu: Mirchaiya is now stressed after the death of a female student when a teacher in Siraha gave her spirit assuming water.

Students and parents are protesting demanding action against the particular teacher. When the protestors tried to attack the police office, the police have fired gun.

The police have so far fired 6 rounds of aerial fire and 3 rounds of tear gas. Seven policemen were injured when the protesters pelted stones.A 15-year-old student of Mirchaiya’s Sagarmatha High School, Srijan Kumari Mahara, died last night from the spirit consumption. On the 22nd of January, Ambika Lamsal, the teacher, gave her spirit assuming water.

Teacher Lamsal gave it to her, thinking it was spirit water in a bottle of Mountain Dew.After consuming the spirit, Srijana Kumari got fainted. She died during treatment at Phulkumari Mahato Memorial Hospital in Karjanha.


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