A French team is coming to Nepal to solve the passport server problem

Dainik Nepal Jan 08, 2023 | 14:50

Kathmandu: A technical team from France is coming Nepal to solve the problem (related to storage) in the electronic passport server since a few days ago. Durpada Sapkota, the Director and Spokesperson of the Passport Department, said that the team, which is in charge of the electronic passports issued by Nepal, will arrive in Nepal by Monday.

According to him, there was a ‘storage’ problem in the passport server and after it took time to take a person’s photo, signature and hand biometrics, a technical team was requested to solve it and the team is expected to arrive in Nepal by Monday.

Sapkota also informed that after the problem was noticed a few days ago, the work to find a solution is continuing and there has been some improvement compared to the beginning. The team was given the entire technical responsibility of the electronic passport that started in Nepal from 15th Mangsir 2078.

Therefore, the same team has been assigned to work on this system. After there was a problem in the “system” of the department, the spokesperson and director Sapkota issued a notice and said that efforts were being made to solve it.

As it will take some time for the system to be fully operational, applicants who have applied for passports are asked to come to the department only after receiving a message on their mobile phones.

In the same way, the department has issued another notice stating that the passport department, district administration office, area administration office and the Nepali missions abroad are receiving the date and time for the ‘appointment’ on the same day of the service provider’s details, revenue filing and life ‘enrolment’ services are operating regularly.


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