Norvic Hospital started a kidney transplant service, also preparing to do a liver transplant

Dainik Nepal Jan 02, 2023 | 16:40

Kathmandu: Norvic International Hospital in Thapathali has started kidney transplant service. The hospital, which has been providing international health services for the past 30 years, has also started kidney transplant services.

According to the hospital, two patients have undergone kidney transplant so far.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the hospital, Ajay Kumar Mishra, informed that the kidney donated by the 55-year-old wife of a 66-year-old man with kidney failure and another 54-year-old man was successfully transplanted.

With a kidney donated by his 30-year-old daughter. As informed in the press conference held at the hospital today, a team of experts and consultants led by Dr. Rakesh Barma and RK Agarwal, the hospital’s specialist doctors, performed the kidney transplant.

Chief Executive Officer Mishra informed that this service will be further expanded in the coming days.

The first case of two successful kidney transplants was a bit complicated.The first kidney transplant patient in Norvic had complications, including coronary artery problems.

However, despite of the complications, quality treatment services for all types of health problems are easily available in Norvic hospital, so the transplant was successfully completed, according to a statement issued by the hospital.

CEO Mishra says that since it is a multi-specialty hospital, solutions for other health problems before and after kidney transplant are also under one roof and the risks of transplanting in such centers are minimal.

In addition, Norvic International Hospital has also prepared to expand liver transplant services and the process of obtaining permission for that has been started.

Norvic Hospital is a healthcare institution that has been providing world-class healthcare since 1993.


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