Govt should prioritize sports: Chair Oli

Dainik Nepal Jan 01, 2023 | 20:01

Kathmandu: Chairman of the CPN UML, KP Sharma Oli, has said government should prioritize sports. Chairman Oli said it while addressing a programme organized on the 14th anniversary of the Madan Bhandari Sports Academy.

“Currently, there is no sports minister. When the sports minister is appointed, I’ll talk to him/her about it,” the former Prime Minister Oli said, adding that Nepal is in need of society that does not play ‘foul’. Whether it is politics or society, foul play is not desirable, Oli underscored.

He further said repeated foul play leads to red card in politics. As sports ensure discipline, it helps to make people successful. The Chairman further viewed once the sports and sports education are taken together, the Madan Bhandari Sports Academy would excel well.  Even the sport is an effective medium of diplomacy, according to him.


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