Chairman Oli : New year brings broken politics forward

Dainik Nepal Jan 01, 2023 | 15:57

Kathmandu: Chairman of CPN (UML) KP Sharma Oli has expressed his belief that the far-reaching journey of political stability, good governance, development and prosperity will be carried forward again.

On the occasion of New Year 2023, he said that with the arrival of the new year, the country has moved forward in its efforts to determine the national political direction. He said in the message, “UML wants to fulfill the national aspirations of a patriotic, democratic, transformative, developing and prosperous Nepal.

“President Oli, who is also a former Prime Minister, said that UML wants to elevate democracy from the narrow definition of political rights and put it into practice as a complete democracy that encompasses all the needs and rights of the people.

“We want to make the country a well-governed, free from backwardness, poverty-free, modern, prosperous and equipped to bring change in people’s lives and we want to take forward the initiatives we have taken in more extraordinary and rapid pace,” he said.

Stating that stable politics is indispensable to fulfill this national aspiration of a prosperous Nepal and a happy Nepali, he urged all political parties and other parties to contribute from their respective places.

I urge everyone to focus on the priority of nation building, leaving aside the obstacles that can be created by private ambitions of individuals and groups”, he said in the message issued by him.

He expects all professions, sectors, classes and communities to support this path to fulfill the common national aspirations of a prosperous Nepal and happy Nepalese.


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