Independent candidates to hold national convention from Feb 17 to 19

Dainik Nepal Dec 29, 2022 | 19:19

Kathmandu: The independent candidates and alternative political forces have decided to organize a national convention in the federal capital, Kathmandu, from February 17 to 19.

The meeting of the independent candidates and alternative political forums held on Thursday took a decision to this end. The convention would be organized for the unity of new political forces for citizen’s rights and country’s prosperity, according to Dr Nand Kapri, coordinator of convention main organizing committee.

He further informed that the independent candidates and alternative forces have so far held 82 meetings in various places of the country since May 13 local election.

It is said the convention would announce a strong alternative political force along with clear road map for political cleanse, good governance and economic prosperity. The alternative force is to unite the people for good governance and prosperity, Kapri added.

A press statement distributed in the press meet on Thursday mentioned that urgency of change with alternative and leadership was realized from the recent elections in Nepal. The traditional ‘ism’ and philosophies were no more relevant to steer the country ahead, it added.


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