China is ending the rule of quarantine for foreigners

Dainik Nepal Dec 27, 2022 | 11:54


Kathmandu: China has announced that the quarantine rules for travelers arriving in the country will end on January 8.

This is the latest announcement made during the serial removal of restrictions imposed under the zero covid policy adopted by China. Cases of Covid-19 have risen sharply in China, and health workers say they are struggling to cope.

President Xi Jinping has called on authorities to do whatever is “possible” to save lives, in his first comments on changing the rules on Covid.Quoting him, the government media said that the country is facing a new situation and it is necessary to give a more targeted response to it.

China has stopped releasing new statistics on Covid, but it is believed that thousands of people are dying every day.Since March 2020, all travelers arriving in China were required to stay in quarantine. But the time spent in quarantine was significantly reduced from three weeks to five days now.

According to the new rules, Covid has been downgraded from an infectious disease of class A to class B, which means that there is no longer a mandatory stay in quarantine.Analysts say that the issue of how China managed the Covid epidemic has put President Xi in an awkward position.People say, it is because of him that the zero covid policy was adopted and because of that the economy has been affected and people’s lives have been restricted to a large extent.

But even if it is removed, now he will have to take responsibility for the significant infection among those admitted to the hospital and especially among the elderly people.The biggest risk for him is the public anger expressed against him over his way of handling  the pandemic.


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